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Wie sie Zeitdiebe bekämpfen – 5 Praxistipps

“Hast du kurz eine Minute?” Wer kennt das nicht? Der Bürokollege stiehlt ihnen gerade 30 Minuten Lebens- und Arbeitszeit.


Fünf Praxistipp um Zeitdiebe im Zaum zu halten: Weiterlesen


Slides for the MBA Lecture “Impact of Social Media on Leadership”

Simulation is my preferred method of lecturing. We had a team of MBA students of Modul University from different areas, mostly touristic management background. We went through the development of the imaginary international bicycle company “Kraft Bikes” and the usage of Social Media in the transformation. In plenum discussion and with group work and discussion we elaborated the cornerstones of effective leadership when using corporate social media. The participants took the role of consultants to the new CEO and found ways of increasing consumer interaction by combining internal cultural work and brand development with social media rules and tools.

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