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6 Steps to Becoming an Enjoypreneur

In the world of startups and digital business nothing is as cool as entrepreneurship. “Real entrepreneurship” seems to be on top of the money food chain. It is often used to differentiate the business elite from someone that “just works” as an employee.

But is that the full truth? Isn’t there a new form of entrepreneurship that is dedicated to the whole life of a person? In my hypotheses there are 6 stages that could be a way from evolving from an traditional entrepreneur to a new form of well-balanced business person I call the enjoypreneur.

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25 Tips for Going on Your Digital Detox

Following up with the article, “Digital Detox: My Personal Logbook of 10 Days without Smartphone and Web,” I’ve made a checklist that is designed to help you to prepare for your digital detox break; otherwise known as “ditox”.

It does not matter if you are an employee, manager, entrepreneur or a freelancer. These ditox steps are broadly applicable to anyone who sometimes feels overwhelmed by digital technology.

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Digital Detox: My Personal Logbook of 10 Days without Smartphone and Web

While my life is dedicated to being digital, I keep the tradition of regularly erasing all digital for some days. Twice a year I do a digital detox or „ditox“.

My deep physiological reason for taking a digital break: to get more time for myself. Smartphone/internet-usage became a habit that made me feel being in another world, rather than being with my family or taking care of myself.

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